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Are you tired of getting screwed by your bank?

Making money is important, right? That would mean interest income is pretty important too. How much interest income does your bank account generate? Enough to keep up with inflation? Probably not.To save you time, we’ve launched our Bank Cost Calculator to help you quantify how much interest income you’re losing out on. The numbers will floor you. But we get it: managing your personal finances is time-consuming. The thought of switching banks, opening new accounts, making critical financial decisions, and managing your cash flow and investments is stressful. Maybe even overwhelming. More often than not, personal finance takes the furthest seat in the back of the priority bus. Like waaay in the back next to the emergency exit. You can’t afford to take a bare minimum approach to money management. Because banks feast on that kind of laissez-faire mentality. There’s a systemic issue within the financial services industry that banks use to their advantage at your expense. The typical person will take the easiest and shortest route when it comes to managing money. As a result, this person will open up a checking account (maybe a savings account too) with the first bank they find, link their paychecks, and forget about it. The problem: the average checking account has an interest rate of 0.06%, and the average savings account isn’t much better at 0.09%. It would take millions of dollars in one of these accounts to generate hundreds of dollars in interest. The banks get your money, which they can reinvest elsewhere at a higher rate of return, while you earn less than a penny on the dollar. Checking accounts aren’t known for having solid interest rates. Hell, even most savings accounts have lousy interest rates. That’s why Unifimoney offers a hybrid checking/savings account with an interest rate of 1.70%. We know you value free time. We do too. Our platform streamlines everything for you. Unifimoney consolidates and automates your personal finances so that you can maximize your earnings - and your free time. If you’re tired of getting screwed by your bank, sign up for our waitlist.


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