Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Unifimoney and the Power of Humor in Fintech Marketing

Ani Petrova of The Fintech Marketing Hub reached out to interview Head of Content Joseph Bien-Kahn about Unifimoney's unconventional approach to marketing. As she writes:

"How can you make a pretty serious and complex business like fintech appear more humane and relatable? One of the most effective ways is to use humor or comedy in your marketing communications and advertising. As it taps into people's emotions, humor can make any subject more personal and engaging.

A great example of a fintech using comedy in its advertising and branding efforts is the US-based start-up Unifimoney. Instead of playing it safe and following the trends, Unifimoney decided to be bold and poke at the big incumbents in an authentic and direct way, with comedy."

Read the whole interview on The Fintech Marketing Hub: https://www.fintechmarketinghub.com/post/unifimoney-and-the-power-of-humor-in-fintech-marketing

And check out the Unifimoney YouTube to see the Big Brand Bank spots from the Stocktual video team: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5vjRY2z_sRP1QS5kwhhlHQ

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