Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Unifimoney Extends Its Money Superapp to Include Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have, in a remarkably short time, emerged as one of the most high profile and mainstream new technologies ever created. At once the subject of deep academic research, government scrutiny, institutional and retail investment and, of course, Reddit meme culture and associated (some say) hysterical speculation, crypto seems to be everywhere.

It’s a subject that is dividing “experts” of all kinds. Some disclaim it as a bubble (cue: tulip mania references) or deny that it’s even an investable asset class including CEO and Founder of Wealthfront Andy Rachleff, while others predict that Bitcoin will reach ever new heights of valuation.

Unifimoney does not seek to predict or speculate on either the broader implications of blockchain or the possible future pricing of any specific coin. We do, however, recognize its importance and the potential role it can play in consumers’ investment decisions. We also respect our users’ right to choose how they want to invest their money — and clearly, there’s an enormous demand from investors of all sorts to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Unifimoney already offers both Robo Advisory and Commission-Free Trading in our app. We are therefore pleased to extend our investment platform and bring cryptocurrency trading natively into the Unifimoney app. Unifimoney users can trade 33 cryptocurrencies funded directly from their Unifimoney High Yield Checking Account — we believe this makes us the most comprehensive and easy-to-use trading platform on the market. 

But Unifimoney is not stopping there. We are building the most comprehensive investment and money management platform ever. It's our mission to be a full service premium digital money management platform and make building and protecting customers' wealth effortless.  

We are leading the re-bundling of traditionally separate financial services – banking, stocks, cryptos, gold, and more – through a single interface. We are automating many of the manual tasks involved in managing money to make sure Unifimoney is the most technically sophisticated and easiest way to manage your money.

We are not as well known as many of our competitors in this space, but a quick comparison shows how we are already beating them on features and functionality and price.  

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Our fundamental belief is that you shouldn’t need multiple apps to manage your money. The recent rise of dedicated apps for certain asset classes is especially troubling. For that reason, we will expand our offering to a whole range of alternative assets over time. Whether it's fine wine, collectables, art, vintage cars or fractional farmland, the potential is limitless. We won’t create these services ourselves but will continue to partner with best-of-category digital leaders in each space and bring choice, diversity, and value to our customers whatever their investment strategy may be.

You can find Unifimoney on the App Store.

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