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What You Need to Know About Tenjin AI, Unifimoney's Robo Advisor

Quantel AI, Inc. was founded by a team of technology optimists to transform the investing landscape. Tenjin AI, a Fintech product from Quantel AI, Inc., delivers retail investors investing strategies via multidimensional research to help them analyse and research their favourite stocks.

At Quantel AI, we believe that financial freedom is an important goal of every investor and is a foundation for a happy and stress-free life. An average investor does not have access to tools a wealthy investor has because sophisticated tools carry hefty fees and usually require a high net-worth. With our Tenjin product, we want to break this trend and ensure that every investor has access to tools that can help increase their investments while also managing portfolio risks. 

Invest with Tenjin and take advantage of our machine-learning-powered advanced models that are designed to outperform the market. Tenjin AI strategies are built with the interests of investors in mind — it helps them invest in strategies that are in sync with their investing goals. These strategies are built to help investors build long-term wealth during periods of market highs and to reduce their risks during market lows. The most important feature of Tenjin AI strategies is that it monitors investors’ portfolios around the clock and thereby eliminates the need for investors to keep tracking their portfolio on a daily basis. It’s why it’s the perfect Robo-investment platform for Unifimoney, the money superapp committed to making money management and investing simple, diversified and unified.

On the research front, Tenjin AI has its own multidimensional research that makes stock analysis a breeze for all investors, and helps them in making data-driven investment decisions. This helps investors save time whilst rummaging through stacks of financial statements and makes analysing data very transparent. In addition to this, Tenjin AI has built their own proprietary ranking system that gives periodical rankings and forecasts for stocks. 

Tenjin AI, a New York based Quant Robo Investing Advisory platform was founded in the year 2018. It has raised a seed funding of $1 million. It is founded by Shyam Sreenivasan. Shyam founded Tenjin AI to help retail investors build long term wealth with investing strategies which would usually cost individuals millions of dollars. By building Tenjin AI, Shyam has made it easier for everyone to invest in smart strategies with all time low minimums. He spent two decades working for investment banks such as Morgan Stanley. Shyam has domain expertise in algorithmic trading and analytics across equity and fixed income asset classes. 

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