Renters, Pets, Motorcycles and Boats all need insurance too. Request a quote and get a $5 Bitcoin Reward.

Our partner Covered makes shopping for insurance easy. You can quote, compare, and purchase a personalized policy in minutes through our marketplace.  Successfully apply for a quote and get a $5 Bitcoin reward from Unifimoney* (note you must be a Unifimoney customer to receive the Bitcoin reward. See below for terms and conditions).

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Multiple quotes in minutes.

Shop from over 30 major carriers and receive quotes in less than 90 seconds.

Personalized insurance quotes.

Coverage that is customized for your specific situation; not just generic policy coverage.

Coverage and counselling support.

Guidance provided and questions answered by a staff of licenced insurance advisors.

Not built for average

Shopping for insurance should be painless to compare and purchase. Unifimoney customers can request a quote for a product you need and put it to work with a contribution to your digital assets investment account.

Exclusively available to Unifimoney customers

Opportunity to lower your monthly insurance payment

Access to salaried Insurance Advisors, focussed on finding the best policy for you

Cards of different insurances available: Home, Auto, Renters, Motorcycle, Umbrella, Life, Pet and Boat

How does it work?


Become a Unifimoney Customer

Unifimoney is available on the Apple App Store. Click the link above or add your mobile number on the main Unifimoney website page to get sent a link.


Navigate to the Value Added Services Page

Go to the top right green button and select services


Click on the Other Insurance page

This will take you to a dedicated page on our partners site where you can quickly see your options and apply online.


*Important information and disclaimers Disclaimers,terms, and conditions for Home, Life, Renters, Auto, Umbrella, Pet, and Disability insurance (collectively Personal Insurance).  

Personal Insurance quotes and services are provided by our Licensed merchant partner, Covered Insurance Solutions, Inc.("Covered"). While Covered is free to use, we may receive a fee if you take advantage of a quote. Unifimoney does not endorse nor is it responsible to you for Covered's views, policies, products, or services.  Covered will never sell any personally identifying information: for more information view details.  Covered compares quotes of over 30 companies and has insurance producer licenses in all 50 states and DC. Click here for a list of Covered's licenses.  

$5 Bitcoin Reward promotion terms and conditions  Unifimoney customers successfully completing the Covered quote process using the Unifimoney website to access it will be considered to have qualified for the Bitcoin offer, regardless of whether you buy any insurance. The Bitcoin offer is provided exclusively by Unifimoney for Unifimoney customers, and only applies to applications for homeowners insurance. The definition of a quote (in regards to apayable conversion), is someone who completes Covered's quote application(First/Last Name, Email, Phone#, DOB, Gender, Address and other information as required by the product selected), and then submits their application toCovered for the provision of insurance quotes. Quote submissions must be made by the person who is seeking insurance for a property in which they reside.  The Bitcoin Reward is available once per customer once every six months.  Completion of the above steps, including submission of the quote application and validation of the customer's information by Covered, is considered a completed quote.  Both Unifimoney customers and non-Unifimoneycustomers can use this link to get a quote but only Unifimoney customers can redeem the Bitcoin Reward. If not a Unifimoney customer at the time of getting the quote the offer will remain valid for 10 days after the quote is completed.That is, if someone who completes the quote process becomes a customer of Unifimoney within 10 days they will be eligible to redeem the Bitcoin offer.  On qualifying, a purchase of $5 in Bitcoin will be credited to the customer's Unifimoney digital assets account (for the avoidance of doubt the $5 includes the cost of transaction fees).  The Bitcoin credit will be made into the customer's Unifimoney digital assets account within 90 days of the quote being completed at the prevailing exchange rate at the time of transfer. Customers must use the same email address associated with their Unifi money account as they use with Covered.  Any questions on this offer can be emailed  Please review Covered's Terms of Service for other important legal information.  Unifimoney accounts are currently only available to US residents. Offer only valid for US residents at this time.