The Unifimoney limited edition commemorative silver coin*

We have created a unique commemorative 5oz fine silver coin to celebrate the launch of Unifimoney and as a thank you to our launch customers* (see important terms and conditions below).

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Pile of limited edition coins

5oz of fine silver

Genuine limited edition silver coin featuring the Unifimoney logo and our mascot the turtle.

Custom made in the US

Designed by Unifimoney and made in the US.

A thank you to our launch users

We recognise that moving banks is not something anyone does lightly and want to celebrate the pioneers.

A future family heirloom?

We hope this coin is something that you will keep and maybe pass on - a small family heirloom. Who knows it might become a collectable.

Not built for average

Unifimoney is designed for high income professionals - doctors, veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists, lawyers, architects, people working in finance and tech and key business roles.

Exclusively available to Unifimoney users

Only available to the first 200 qualified users who meet the activity requirements

The inscription reads "No wealth can ever make a bad man at peace with himself" Plato

Limited edition coins on their sides

How does it work?


Become a Unifimoney Customer

Unifimoney is not yet in open enrollment but our Beta customers can already qualify. Join the waitlist to find out how to to join the Beta program.


Meet the minimum actiivty requirements

Make a monthly direct deposit of a minimum $6K per month for 3 months or maintain a minimum balance of $35,000 over 90 days*.


Receive your Unifimoney Silver coin

Unifimoney will send you your commemorative silver coin (see terms and conditions below).

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Important terms and conditions

Unifimoney Commemorative Silver Coin Offer for New AccountsTerms, Conditions, and Important Legal Disclosures OfferUnifimoney, Inc. (“Unifimoney”) is proud to offer a custom-made Unifimoney Silver Commemorative Coin as a “thank you” to our first 200 customers that open a new Unifimoney checking account and meet the eligibility requirements and activities described here (the “Coin Offer”). The Coin will consist of approximately 5 oz of fine silver and will be delivered to eligible customers after the offer period has expired. These Terms, Conditions, and Important Legal Disclosures (“Terms”) apply and govern the rules of eligibility and other important details about this offer. By participating in the Coin Offer, you agree to be bound by these Terms, so please take time to read and understand them. EligibilityAll US residents, age 21 or older, who register for Unifimoney and open a Unifimoney Account between July 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 (the “Offer Period”) will be eligible for the Offer (“Eligible Customers”). Customers may only be eligible for the offer as to one account.  EnrollmentEnrollment in the Coin Offer will be automatic for all Eligible Customers who register and open their Unifimoney account during the Offer Period. There is no method of separate enrollment for the offer. Required ActivitiesThere are two ways that Eligible Customers can qualify to earn the Coin. First method: An Eligible Customer can consistently maintain a minimum balance of $35,000 USD in their Unifimoney checking account for a period of ninety (90) consecutive calendar days (from the time that the account first met the $35,000 USD minimum); or, Second method: An Eligible Customer can set up a recurring employer-based direct deposit into the Unifimoney checking account, consisting of a minimum of $6,000 USD in direct deposits each month, for a period of three (3) consecutive calendar months. Only 200 Coins will be rewarded in total, and those 200 Coins will be given to the first 200 Eligible Customers who complete one of these above “Required Activities.” For clarity, the “first” 200 is determined by the date and time that the Eligible Customer completes one of the methods described above, not based on the account creation date or date of first funding of the account. Customers may not qualify for two Coins by attempting to complete both Required Activities. 

Delivery and Termination of the Offer The Coins will be mailed to the first 200 Eligible Customers to complete one of the Required Activities (above) within 60 days of end of this promotion (that is, the day upon which the 200th Customer earns their coin). The coins will be mailed to the US postal address then current on record with Unifimoney. You can update your address within your account at any time. If 200 Customers have not earned the Coin by March 31, 2021, Unifi Money reserves the right to end this promotion at that time.  

Limitations Unifimoney reserves the right to rescind this offer at any time, as to any customer who Unifimoney believes, in its sole discretion, has engaged in fraud, misrepresentations, or has otherwise violated the Unifimoney Terms of Service. Unifimoney also reserves the right to provide a substitute “thank you” in lieu of the Coin in the event that economic conditions cause the price of silver to rise significantly during the course of this offer. In that event, the substitute “thank you” will have a value approximately equal to the value of the Coin on the day that this Offer was announced.  

Tax Information Customers who earn and receive the silver Coin are responsible for any applicable taxes and consulting a tax advisor. Unifimoney is not a tax advisor.  

Miscellaneous As applicable, variable rates are subject to change before and after account opening. Terms, conditions and fees for accounts, products, programs and services are subject to change and may be withdrawn at any time prior to enrollment. All accounts subject to applicable terms, fees, and charges. Fees may reduce account balances. Accounts subject to approval. Participation in a promotional offer does not guarantee eligibility or fulfillment of the promotional offer. Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) are variable and subject to change without notice after the account is opened.