Unifimoney User Panel: We need you to help build the future of money!

Unifimoney team member Ben

Ben Soppitt

Our mission at Unifimoney is to create an all-in-one service that fits seamlessly into our users’ lives. We don’t believe in simply digitizing traditional banking; we want to create an entirely new category of money management. We want to give our users access to all the benefits of an optimized, modern financial stack, and use tech to automate the manual workflows required to optimally manage money for greater return. Maximizing deposit interest, redeeming 100% of your rewards on card spend, and dollar-cost averaging.

To do that, we need to understand our users and bring them into the design process. Typically, that means a bit of consumer research and some Beta testing, but we want to go further. We actually want our users to be part of the product development process in a very real and organic way, working directly with us on an ongoing basis.

We admit this is a bit of an experiment but that’s why we’re doing it — we started this company to push the boundaries and ignore conventions. We think that’s the role of startups, to shoot for the moon, try the impossible and change the world in ways both big and small. We are looking for people with a similar rebellious streak, interested in disrupting and fascinating with digital product design, to help us.

Rather than opening a traditional comments section or forum, which often end up feeling like a place for customers to shout into the void, we wanted to try something different. So, we’re instead creating a User Panel that will be integral to our product design process.

The Unifimoney User Panel will initially be made up of a small group of representative users, maybe just 10–20. We want to start small to ensure we learn how to do this effectively. We’ll be recruiting User Panelists from the Waitlist.

The User Panel needs to be diverse and representative of our user base. We want people from a wide spectrum of disciplines and professions — doctors, engineers, UX designers, artists, psychologists, salesmen and more — who will be in regular communication with our team about what’s working and what’s not.

Aside from regular check ins, we’ll also build a Unifimoney User Panel Slack group where the representative users can share ideas, answer our questions, and be an integral part of creating the best possible Unifimoney. We’re committed to building a financial tool that effortlessly meshes with our users’ actual lives, so it only makes sense to let our users be involved in the process. This isn’t a faceless consumer survey; this is a braintrust of actual Unifimoney users.

We want people to join us in this effort because they are passionate about the mission and the outcome, but we recognize that we’re also asking busy people to share their time and effort. Because of that, we’re looking at ways we can track Panel activities and reward engagement, especially over the next few critical months as we open up the service to users.

Those on the Panel will be the first to see new UX and product ideas, and the first people invited to open accounts. One of the first tasks will be to work out exactly what the User Panel reward structure will look like.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please sign up for the Unifimoney Waitlist. We’ll be sending out communications to our waitlist in the next few weeks to select the first cohort of users for the panel.