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Deposit Interest

Everything you expect from a standard checking account but with savings levels of interest. No need to move money between accounts to optimize your deposit interest.

Cashback on Spend

Market-leading cashback on your online and in-app credit and debit spend, meaning you get an automatic discount every time you spend.

Invest Smarter

Passively invest with automatic dollar-cost averaging and grow your long-term assets in a highly diversified low-cost fund. And actively trade if you want to.

Make your money work for you — not the bank

Managing money is hard work. It's repetitive and boring. So, we automate the process to help maximize your passive income today. Build your long-term assets — effortlessly.

✓ We're offering an all-in-one solution: a checking account, a credit card and an investment platform

✓ Unifimoney eliminates the hidden costs of banking and gives those savings back to you in higher interest, cashback and lower costs

✓ You get all the benefits with none of the effort

Deposit Interest

A true DDA checking account that pays savings-levels of interest. All your money should earn high interest all the time.

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Unifimoney app on iPhone
Unifimoney app on iPhone

Cashback on Spend

Get unlimited cashback on your online and in-app spend with instant digital issuance and Apple Pay.

Learn about our Unlimited Cashback Credit Card

Invest Smarter

Effortlessly create a long-term investment fund with the help of our low cost robo-investment platform. And take advantage of fee-free trading for passive net worth growth.

Learn about our Automated Money Management
Unifimoney app on iPhone