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Make your money work for you, not the bank

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High-Yield Checking

A hybrid checking and saving account

All the flexibility and features of a checking account, but with high interest. This means you don’t need to worry about leaving money in your checking account or underperforming savings account and all your money is working hard for you all the time.

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Unifimoney app and card
Unifimoney App on iPhone
Grow your assets

Unifimoney Invest

Effortlessly build your long-term investment portfolio and trade for free when you want to.  With the most comprehensive investment platform in the market we offer both robo and free self directed trading plus alternative assets like crypto and precious metals including gold, silver and platinum.

A core part of your long-term financial security and resilience is building an investment portfolio. The earlier you start, the better. We help you passively invest regularly using your small change and a monthly contribution into a highly diversified low cost investment portfolio.

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Visa Signature Credit Card

A Visa Signature card built to maximise returns on your spend with cash back invested into your investment portfolio. Straightforward and transparent with a flat cash back rate. No tricks, revolving categories, black box points systems - just a great automatic discount on your card spend that helps you build your long term wealth.

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Unifimoney & Visa Signature Credit Card
Helping you beyond everyday Finances as well

Value Add Services

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your financial life beyond everyday financial management - saving, spending and investing.

When you need additional services like international remittances, student loan refinancing, buying a car a house etc. we want to be able to help you with our network of partners. We seek the best of breed digital first partners in each category and always looking to add more and negotiate exclusive access and offers for our customers.

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How we are different

How does Unifimoney compare?

Account Opening

Minimum Deposit to Open Account

Grace period

Minimum activity after grace period to earn zero account fees

Account fees if minimum activity not achieved

High-Yield Checking Account

Interest on funds (paid monthly)

Visa Debit Card

EMV Dual Interface (Tap to Pay)

Made With Recovered Ocean Plastic

Donating to The Ocean Foundation with each use

Access to over 50,000 no-fee ATM's

Apple Pay


No account maintenance fees with minimum activity

Auto-invest - Deposit Interest Paid Into Robo Investment Fund

Auto-invest - Monthly Minimum Contribution (recommend $100-200)

Paper checks option (Book of 20)

Mobile remote check deposit

iOS app

Bill Pay

Wire Transfers

FDIC insurance

Direct Deposits

International Remittances

Unlimited Withdrawls



Robo-invest management fee

Auto rebalancing

Commission Free Trading

Portfolio of ETF's

ESG Funds

Individual Equities

Fractional trading


Precious Metals Trading (whole bar/coin and fractional)

Value Added Services

Total Net Worth Tracker

Sturdent Loan Refi


Mortgage Refi


Auto Loans

Vehicle Loans

Home Improvement Loans

Value Added Services

Credit Card

Android App

Web Front-end

Joint Account

Overdraft Facility

Portfolio Line of Credit

Options Trading

Data Download APIs


3 months

$2K direct deposit per month or $20K minimum deposits


0.20% APY*




Y (3 levels of AI based Robo-Investing)

Starting from 0.15% Tenjin AI Basic

Q1 2021

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