Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Extending Your Wealth Management Business with Self Directed and Hybrid Digital Advisory Services

Your wealth management solution is almost certainly doing a great job for today’s older richer customers - but what about the next generation of investors? If you are ignoring them you risk losing your future customer base.

Investing has radically changed in the last few years with the rapid emergence of self directed and hybrid models driving retail investment volume from an average 10% to over 25% over the last 5 years (source: BNY Mellon).

This change has been driven through a combination of cultural changes, (digital especially mobile access) and product and pricing innovation including alternative assets and commission free trading.  

The traditional investment advisory industry has not evolved to meet with this changing market forcing consumers to find alternative providers including most prominently 3rd party investing apps. In turn these companies are rapidly launching banking services including DDA accounts and debit cards. So the next generation of investors is being forced into the hands of the very competitors the Credit Unions and Community Banks fear. Many are already experiencing high growth in capital flight from banks and credit unions to these alternative providers and prompted the search for a response.

Unifimoney is a multi-asset digital wealth management platform for community financial institutions enabling consumers to access self directed digital investing services through their existing online banking channels. For companies with an existing traditional wealth management business this provides the ability to extend their business to encompass both self directed and hybrid investment solutions and serve consumers at all stages in their wealth management journey including younger less affluent and more digital users.

Unifimoney supports Robo-advisory and Commission Free Trading of thousands of stocks and ETF’s, more than 80 cryptocurrencies and precious metals.  

We are soon launching self directed financial planning software which also supports hybrid advisory services using your own existing team or 3rd party advisors.  We integrated with your existing online banking channels adding value and driving frequency of use and engagement with your digital channels.

If you would like to learn more please visit us at www.unifimoney.com or email us at info@unifi.money and we would be pleased to talk with you.

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