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Buy, sell and store gold, silver or platinum or have it delivered.

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Quick Summary

100% physical metal backing

Instant liquidity (24/7 access)

Direct ownership of metal

Buy in any quantity

3rd party verification & audit

Fully insured

How It Works


Purchase the amount of precious metals you want (min. $5)


Choose how you want to hold it, you can:

  1. Store it securely in an insured vault (there is a fee for this min $1 per month see fee schedule for details) or
  2. Take delivery

For delivery - depending on how much you hold you will have different options on how you receive your metals e.g. bar, coin etc.


You can see some of the most popular examples below


To take delivery of your holdings click on the green Delivery button on the Metals page in the app

Fractional Gold

Backed By:
Gold 1000g, 1kg bar
Gold bar (1kg)
1oz gold bar
Gold bar (10oz)
1oz gold Austrian Philharmonic coin
Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin (1oz)
1oz gold American buffalo coin
Gold American Buffalo Coin (1oz)

Fractional Silver

Backed By:
1oz silver American eagle coin
Silver American Eagle Coin (1oz)
1oz silver Candian maple leaf coin
Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin (1oz)
100z fine silver bar
Silver 100oz
1oz silver American eagle coin
Silver 1oz Round

Fractional Platinum

Backed By:
1oz platinum metal bar
Platinum 1oz

Investments in securities through the Unifimoney Inc. and Unifimoney RIA Inc account are:
Not FDIC Insured | May Lose Value | No Bank Guarantee

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