AI Quant based Robo Investing

Auto invest without the stress. Choose between either Basic (default) or Advanced Robot Investing.

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Quick Summary

Auto invest each month and passively grow your wealth

Invest lump sums when you want

Artificial Intelligence and Quant based portfolio design

From only 0.15% per year (~$1.50 per $1,000 invested)

Portfolios built and managed based on your risk profile

Choose an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) portfolio model if you want

Effortlessly build your long-term investment portfolio with our AI Quant based investment platform

Making frequent low-value investments allows you to manage timing risk (buying when the market is high) and benefit from dollar-cost averaging.

We help you invest your small change automatically, by default and without effort. The Unifimoney unified account drip-feeds funds from your spend into a low-cost, highly-diversified fund depending on your risk tolerance.

Unifimoney uniquely provided 3 levels of advisory via our partner Tenjin AI - Basic, Advanced and Pro.

Low Cost Robo platform from only .15% annually

Deposit interest passively invested on monthly basis

Automatically contribute each month as little or as much as you like

Credit Card transaction cashback is automatically invested into your portfolio (when available)


Low Cost Advisor with Auto-Invest

Tenjin AI Basic

Smart ETF portfolios matched to your risk profile with yearly rebalance.

Smart Investing allows you to invest in portfolios that are created by deep analysis of market trends using Advanced Machine learning techniques with the powerful Tenjin AI™ engine. This ensures that your money is invested in a diverse group of curated ETFs that provide you with the right balance of growth and portfolio volatility.


Our entry level Robo-advisory product with annual rebalance with Tenjin’s proprietary optimization engine


Portfolio of Smart ETFs with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) equivalents


We charge an annual advisory fee of 0.15% on all assets under management deducted monthly

Tenpin AI Advanced

Smart ETF portfolios matched to risk profile with quarterly rebalance.

Uses  Tenjin AI™, a smart engine that monitors and analyzes your Smart Investing portfolio every quarter and adjusts your allocations based on changes in market trends to rebalance your portfolio back to an optimal state.


Smart re-balance also uses Tenjin’s proprietary MarketCrash Index to predict market downturns and auto adjust portfolios to maximize returns


Portfolios of Smart ETFs and ESGs curated to match your risk profile


Charged at an annual advisory fee of 0.30% on all assets under management deducted monthly

Investments in securities through the Unifimoney Inc. and Unifimoney RIA Inc account are:
Not FDIC Insured | May Lose Value | No Bank Guarantee

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