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Editorial Team

How To Automate Your Investing

The best way to manage money over the long term is, unfortunately, a pretty boring process. It involves a collection of tedious, labor-intensive tasks with little or no immediate payback. This is the reason it's so hard to manage money well — it’s why most people don’t do it as well as they could. 

In this How-To Guide, we will show you how Unifimoney can help you effortlessly manage your money over the long term. We all have the best intentions when it comes to building wealth, but it's hard to stay focused and this can lead to substantially reduced returns over time. Until now...   

Managing Money is Easy, Right? - EARN SAVE INVEST

You EARN money from work or passive income. 

You SAVE money either from not spending it on things you don’t need or negotiating better prices *and* ensuring you’re getting a fair return on your own money from deposits and credit card rewards.

You can then INVEST this money. Though meme stock returns have led many to day-trading, for most people most of the time, investing is done best by investing small amounts as often as possible in a diversified and low-cost portfolio. It may be boring, but this strategy lets you spread market-timing risk, minimize costs, and benefit from compound growth. 

Simple in Theory but Hard in Practice

This is the Get Rich Slowly philosophy, an idea no one would ever make a movie of this and for good reason: it would bomb. The Wolf of Wall Street is far more entertaining! 

Our psychology is not optimized for managing money — we hate difficult, boring, repetitive work with a payoff far in the future. We know it's the right thing to do, but we’re wired to put it off (often for decades) to deal with more “pressing” matters. By the time we make it a focus, we’ve already lost the most important years from a compound growth perspective: the early ones.

Technology, on the other hand, is expert at completing boring, repetitive tasks in a highly reliable way. Which is why we’ve deputized on our users’ behalf while creating Unifimoney. 

Automating the Get Rich Slowly Approach

Here is our guide on how you can use Unifimoney to automate the Get Rich Slowly approach to managing your money.

Step 1 - Automate Your Funds Flow

You have been with your bank for years, maybe decades, and the hassle of leaving is just too much to bear. We understand that. So keep your old bank account, but start moving your money automatically to Unifimoney, where it can start to work for your benefit and not the bank’s.

Unifimoney offers 2 simple automations you can set up to fund your account:

  1. Recurring transfer - set a fixed amount to be moved to Unifimoney at whatever frequency you wish e.g. twice a month to coincide with payday 
  2. Refill transfer - set funds to be transferred to maintain a minimum amount in your Unifimoney account

Navigate to the Move Money tab at the bottom left and tap on Deposit Funds. You will see 3 choices — One Time Transfer, Recurring Transfer, and Refill transfer. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your automated transfers; you can set up both Recurring and Refill should you wish to do so. (Of course, you can always opt to simply fund the account via One Time Transfer if that’s what you prefer.)

You can also have your salary paid automatically into your Unifimoney account if your employer’s system is supported by the service. You can change your direct deposit by tapping on the Move Money button again, selecting Payroll Connect, and following the flow.

Step 2 - Automate Your Monthly Robo contribution

Unifimoney gives users access to a Robo-Investing tool powered by Tenjin AI. This portfolio can be tailored to perfectly fit your risk profile — and you can change them at any time at the bottom of the Robo page. While there, you can also set your monthly contribution. These funds will automatically be deducted from your High-Yield Checking account and invested in your Robo portfolio each month. 

This monthly contribution into a Robo account automates the tedious process of investing. It’s just one tool of many that Unifimoney has to let you take advantage of the power of compound growth without the effort.

Just navigate to the Invest screen, tap on Robo Invest and go to the bottom of the page where you can make these changes under Robo Investment Details.

Step 3 - Automate Recurring Crypto Trades

When buying crypto, Unifimoney gives you the option to buy on a one-off or recurring basis. So, if you wanted to buy $100 of Bitcoin each month, we’ve made it simple right within the app.

Technology and automation are awesome tools you can use to ensure that you are completing all the tedium it takes to maximally manage your money. We’ve created Unifimoney to take away the repetitive manual labor, so you can rest easy knowing that your money is being managed for you regardless of where your attention lies. But, it’s important to us that when you do decide to dive in and take control, we have a powerful and intuitive platform to let you trade equities, crypto and precious metals, all in one place. We want to be the Tesla of personal finance — smart enough to drive itself and best in class when you do decide to take the wheel.

*Important information and disclaimers

The above does NOT constitute an offer, solicitation of an offer, nor advice to buy or sell specific securities. The opinions listed above are not the opinions of Unifimoney Inc. or Unifimoney RIA, Inc. but represent the opinions of independent contributors. These contributors may or may not hold positions in the stocks discussed. Investors should always independently research any stocks listed and form their own opinions, while recognizing that any investments made may lose value, are not bank guaranteed and are not FDIC insured.