Unifimoney Digital Assets Account Specifications

Digital assets trading is offered to you by Unifimoney in partnership with Gemini. Your Unifimoney-Gemini Digital Assets Account is governed by Gemini’s User Agreement with the following exceptions / specifications:

1)     Unifimoney users must be at least 21 years old;

2)     Your Unifimoney-Gemini Digital Assets Account is only accessible via the Unifimoney App and provided Gemini APIs. You will not be able to access your account via the Gemini owned-and-operated mobile apps and websites.

3)     The Unifimoney-Gemini Digital Assets Account is a closed-loop environment, as such the purchase of, and proceeds from the sale of, digital assets through the Gemini platform can only be sourced from and paid into the linked Unifimoney User Account.

4)     Unifimoney does not currently support Digital Asset Deposits into the Unifimoney-Gemini Digital Assets Account.

5)     Digital Assets stored in the Unifimoney-Gemini environment cannot be withdrawn nor transferred to other accounts, as digital assets. Assets can only be withdrawn by first liquidating your position into fiat currency.

6)     Unifimoney has imposed individual “in-app” trading limits as follows: $10,000 per client per day using the regular Unifimoney interface. For higher value transactions, please contact Unifimoney customer support for assistance.

7)  Your Unifimoney-Gemini Digital Assets Account is inextricably tied to your Unifimoney Account, such that if you close your Unifimoney Account you are also agreeing to close your Unifimoney-Gemini Account.