Community Banks Can Now Provide Consumers Easy Access to Digital Wealth Management Services with New Partnership Between DCI and Unifimoney

Unifimoney Communications

TULSA, Okla., Sept. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Data Center Inc. ("DCI") a leading provider of core and digital banking technologies is partnering with Fintech digital investment and wealth management platform Unifimoney to enable their bank customers to offer innovative digital wealth management services through their online and mobile banking portals.

These services include Robo investing, commission free trading of thousands of stocks and ETF's, over 30 cryptocurrencies and precious metals including gold, silver and platinum. The service will extend to other alternative assets including collectables later this year. This will enable community banks to meet the increasingly mainstream interest from consumers in investing in both traditional and alternative assets.

As an extension of DCI's latest digital innovations in community banking, the integration with Unifimoney will allow consumers to access their own investing accounts within their financial institution's online and mobile banking portals, providing users an easy way to trade and manage their investments through their trusted local financial institutions.

"Consumer interest in investing has soared in the last few years with retail investors expected to account for over 30% of total trade volume in 2021 with alternative investments being an increasingly large part of that," said Sarah Fankhauser, president and CEO of Hutchinson, Kan.-based DCI. "People continue to entrust their local community banks at the center of their financial lives, now those institutions can offer even more to help build and protect the long term wealth of their customers and communities."

"Our partnership with DCI represents an opportunity for community banks to bring innovative features and functionality that have until now been almost the exclusive preserve of Fintech companies," said Ben Soppitt, co-founder and CEO of Unifimoney. "Consumers want the simplicity of managing all their money in one place combined with the trust and service of their local banking partner, that's what we can deliver with DCI".

Consumers' relationships with and expectation from their financial institutions are changing fast, DCI is working to ensure that community banks and credit unions can support all their customers' needs both now and into the future.

About DCI
DCI is the developer of the award-winning iCore360® core banking software and iCoreGO™ multi-channel digital banking solutions for community banks and credit unions nationwide. DCI is privately owned by a group of bank clients, with several serving as board members and user group leaders. In addition to iCore360 and iCoreGO, DCI provides private ATM network/card management, teller solutions, remote capture, custom analysis, risk/vendor management, managed IT and more. Among other awards, DCI has been named a FinTech Rankings Top 100 technology provider by IDC Financial Insights, a FinTech Forward Top 100 technology provider by American Banker and BAI, a multiple winner of the BankNews ­­ Innovative Solutions Award and endorsements from multiple regional banking associations. For more information about DCI, visit

About Unifimoney
Unifimoney is a multi asset investment and money management platform providing a broad range
of digital wealth management services. Unifimoney RIA is a wholly owned subsidiary and SEC Registered RIA. For more information visit

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