New Features and Functionality to Help You Save and Invest Effortlessly

Unifimoney Communications

We send out updates every month or so to keep everyone up to date. We really appreciate your interest and support. The best way to keep up to date is to check out our blog and to follow us on IG, FB and Twitter.

Many of you have applied for the Beta test user group. We are at maximum capacity for the Beta for the moment but will continue to extend invitations and codes on a rolling basis as we are able.

Since our last update we have made a lot of progress. We are now live with the Robo investing and have implemented our first auto-invest monthly funding transaction. More info on our passive investing strategy below.  We have also updated the app design and introduced a wide range of value added services through our partner program. This includes:

  • Home Loans for professionals
  • Mortgage refi
  • Student Loan Refi with our unique variable cash bonus
  • Auto and Vehicle Loans
  • Home Improvement Loans

We will soon add Life Insurance, International Remittances and HSA's. All designed to meet the needs of young high earning professionals.

Whats coming next?
We will be live with commission-free equity trading in a few weeks, that is in test. We are also working to make salary and direct deposit transfers into Unifimoney easy and frictionless. We expect to be announcing our credit card in the next few weeks as well. We are working on the launch of our crypto and precious metal trading feature as well.

We like to do things differently and that includes how we go to market ourselves. We are excited to be making our first piece of original influencer content next week and will post it asap. We are also working to develop some videos explaining how we differ from normal banks. One of the most important parts of that is how we make it automatic and by default for consumers to model best practices in personal financial management. Passive investing is the key, more on that below.

Passive investing
If you were to have invested $200 a month 40 years ago you would today be sitting on a portfolio worth in excess of $2.5m! Thats the power of passive investing and dollar cost averaging.  We  take the work out so you can benefit from the awesome power of compound growth - effortlessly!

We have 4 ways in which customers passively fund their Robo account. Deposit interest, credit card transaction rounding, credit card cash back and a mandatory minimum monthly contribution. The last one is perhaps the most surprising but also the most powerful. When you open a Unifimoney account you are signing up to save and invest no matter what. We ensuring that every customer is contributing every month to their investment account.  The minimum is $25 but we would recommend $100-200 a month.

Please help support our message and mission
The more we can keep our costs low the more we can give back to consumers. Did you know one of the biggest costs in financial services is marketing? Financial services companies pay thousands to acquire customers with upfront incentives and offers and then gouge them with lower returns to get that money back. We want to help our customers grow and protect their wealth so want to keep our costs as low as we can.

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Best regards,
Ben Soppitt
Founder and CEO
Unifimoney Inc.