Unifimoney and Quantel AI Launch AI-Based Robo-Investing 

Unifimoney Communications

(San Francisco and New York, November 11 2020)

Unifimoney Inc. (Unifimoney), a San Francisco based full-service Digital Bank for young professionals, and Quantel AI Inc. (Quantel), a New York based InvestTech company, today announced their partnership and launch of three new products as part of the Unifimoney investing platform. The products use Quantel’s AI and quantitative finance software to help mitigate risk and improve returns.

Unifimoney uniquely provides three levels of Robo-investing service depending on individual investors’ personal preference. All three options use Quantel’s proprietary AI engines to evaluate the risk profile of the customer and his/her stated goals and advise on portfolio selection by matching the offered investment strategies suited to meet the customer’s goals.

The 3 Products are:

  • Tenjin AI™ Basic — Smart ETF portfolios matched to your risk profile with yearly rebalance
  • Tenjin AI™ Advanced — Smart ETF portfolios matched to risk profile with quarterly rebalancing
  • Tenjin AI™ Pro — Smart stock-based portfolios matched to risk profile with monthly rebalance

Unifimoney users are automatically enrolled in Tenjin AI™ Basic at a cost of 0.15% per annum 40% cheaper than competitors. Users can then select either Advanced or Pro and move between them.  Advanced and Pro cost 0.3% and 1.00% respectively per annum of assets under management.

Shyam Sreenivasan, Founder and CEO of Quantel, said, “Our platform enables consumers to get access to advanced technology and analytics that have typically been the exclusive preserve of major banks and hedge funds. We are very excited to partner with Unifimoney in offering our unique investment products to Unifimoney’s clients.”

Ben Soppitt, Founder and CEO of Unifimoney, said, “We are building the most comprehensive money management app on the market designed to give people more choice and better returns in how they manage their money. We believe Quantel’s AI is the next evolution for Robo-investing”.

About Unifimoney

Unifimoney is on a mission to build the long-term financial wealth of millions of high-earning millennials. We’re delivering the value-for-money in saving, spending and investing that consumers deserve.

Unifimoney offers high performance banking: a single mobile account that seamlessly integrates a high-yield checking account, a credit and debit card, and investing. Unifimoney offers users a rich set of features and functionality combined with the simplicity of automation. Unifimoney is in private beta and will be in open enrollment at the end of 2020.

Media contact: joey.bienkahn@unifi.money


About Quantel AI

Quantel AI is an InvestTech firm headquartered in New York and branch offices in India, that was founded in 2018 to bring the power of AI to solving real-world problems in investing, trading and portfolio management. Quantel is led by its founder Shyam Sreenivasan a former executive of Morgan Stanley with over two decades of experience leading trading and risk management related initiatives at his former firm. 

Quantel can be reached at 1-844-QUANTEL or on the web at https://www.quantel.ai