Unifimoney Joins Alkami Partner Program to Empower Regional Banks and Credit Unions with Digital Wealth Management

Unifimoney Communications

SAN FRANCISCO -Unifimoney, a multi-asset digital wealth management provider, today announced that its digital wealth management solution will be available through the Alkami Platform. The partnership enables financial institutions (FIs) to offer wealth management services, including robo advisory and commission-free trading in stocks, ETFs, precious metals and digital assets, to all account holders regardless of size.

With Unifimoney, Alkami clients can now extend digital wealth management services to account holders to support their long-term investment journey from their first job through retirement. Digital wealth management represents a $20bn opportunity in incremental non-interest revenue for regional and community FIs according to Unifimoney.

“Our clients see account holder demand for investment services in the volume of deposits sent to third-party investment apps, which has increased at a significant rate,” said Stephen Bohannon, co-founder and chief strategy and product officer of Alkami. “Adding Unifimoney to the Alkami Platform enables our clients to deepen the relationship with their account holders by offering a bundled solution for banking and investing under one roof.”

“Alkami serves some of the most innovative and fastest growing financial institutions in the country,” added Ben Soppitt, chief executive officer of Unifimoney. “We are excited to have the opportunity to support these institutions and the communities they serve by extending their value proposition to include digital wealth management.”

The Alkami Partner Program nurtures an ecosystem that connects cutting edge fintech partners to Alkami’s client base of regional banks and credit unions in the United States. With more than 270 integrations and over 60 APIs, the Alkami Platform brings regional banks and credit unions the power of future-proofed scalability.

About Unifimoney

Unifimoney is a multi-asset turnkey digital wealth management platform that serves fintechs, community banks and credit unions to enable them to offer compelling investment services to their customers. The Unifimoney platform today includes both passive and active investing in traditional equities and ETFs, as well as 80 cryptocurrencies and precious metals including gold, silver and platinum. Unifimoney RIA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Unifimoney Inc. is an SEC registered RIA. Unifimoney is part of the ICBA 2022 ThinkTech Accelerator Program.

About Alkami

Alkami Technology, Inc. is a leading cloud-based digital banking solutions provider for financial institutions in the United States that enables clients to grow confidently, adapt quickly and build thriving digital communities. Alkami helps clients transform through retail and business banking, digital account opening and digital loan origination, payment fraud prevention, and data analytics and engagement solutions. To learn more, visit www.alkami.com.