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With our partners Gabi we are so confident that you will save money on Auto Insurance Unifimoney customers can get a $15 Bitcoin credit just for applying for an Auto Insurance quote (See important terms and conditions, below*).

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*Important information and disclaimers

Auto insurance services disclaimers, terms and conditions

Auto insurance quotes and services are provided by our merchant partner, Gabi. While Gabi is free to use, we may receive a commission if you take advantage of a quote.  Unifimoney does not endorse nor is it responsible to you for the merchants views, policies, products or services.

Gabi will never sell your data to insurance companies, for more information view details.

Gabi compares quotes of over 20 companies and has insurance brokers licensed in all 50 states and DC.

$15 Bitcoin Offer promotion terms and conditions

Unifimoney customers successfully completing the Gabi quote process using the Unifimoney website to access it will be considered to have qualified for the Bitcoin bonus.

The definition of a quote (in regards to a payable conversion), is someone who completes the signup funnel (First/Last Name, Email, Phone #, DOB, Address), and then either:

1. Links their Gabi account to their insurance account

2. Uploads a PDF of their existing policy

3. Manually inputs their vehicle and driver info, as well as preferred coverage

Completion of the above steps in the signup funnel and one of the above is considered a completed quote.

Both Unifimoney customers and non-Unifimoney customers can use this link to get a quote but only Unifimoney customers can redeem the Bitcoin offer. If not a Unifimoney customer at the time of getting the quote the offer will remain valid for 10 days after the quote is completed. That is. if someone who completes the quote process becomes a customer of Unifimoney within 10 days they will be eligible to redeem the Bitcoin offer.

On qualifying, a purchase of $15 in Bitcoin will be credited to the customers Unifimoney crypto account (for the avoidance of doubt the $15 includes the cost of transaction fees).

The Bitcoin credit will be made into the customers Unifimoney cryptocurrency accounts within 90 days of the quote being completed at the prevailing exchange rate at the time of transfer. Customers must use the same email address associated with their Unifimoney account as they use with Gabi.

Any questions on this promotion can be emailed to

Please review our Terms of Service for other important legal information.

Unifimoney accounts are currently only available to US residents. Offer only valid for US residents at this time.