High-Yield Checking Account

This means you don’t need to worry about leaving money in your checking account or underperforming savings account and all your money is working hard for you all the time.

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Unifimoney app on iPhone

0.20% APY

on your deposits*

Up to $750K

in FDIC insurance


into your Investment Account


Minimum Opening Deposit (why?)

Feature Rich

All the features and functionality you would expect from a traditional big bank checking account, but with one important difference: we pay savings-level interest rates.

The DDA account is provided by our partner bank UMB Bank member FDIC. UMB is a 108-year-old institution with over $24bn in assets and publicly listed with the ticker UMBF.

High Interest

with 0.20% APY on your deposits

No Monthly Account Fee

With min. monthly deposit of $6K or more or min. balance of $35K

Bill Payment at 20K Merchants

Pay bills easily from your mobile

Money Transfer

ACH and Wire transfers

Checkbook Option

Because sometimes you need to write a check

Remote Check Deposit

From your mobile app

Auto Invest

Deposit interest and minimum $25 per month with no maximum invested automatically into your investment portfolio

Unifimoney debit card

Visa Debit Card

Made of Recovered Ocean Bound Plastic

Every time you use the card, you help support The Ocean Foundation

Free ATM Withdrawls

The Unifimoney Visa Debit card is accepted at locations worldwide. Access cash at more than a million ATMs in more than 179 countries as well as the largest surcharge-free ATM network in America of over 55,000 ATM locations nationwide (Allpoint). Here is the link to the Allpoint ATM Locator.

Any other ATM will incur a cost that is set by the owner of that ATM.

Why do we have a $1,000 minimum opening balance and charge a fee for account holders with less than $6,000 monthly direct deposits or $35,000 in deposits?

In traditional banking, the most invested customers subsidize the least. We think this is unfair and that the best customers should be rewarded not penalized. Opening and maintaining a bank account costs money. For a bank to be profitable, they have to cover the costs of all the bank accounts that are open but not used with the ones that are. This can be a very significant proportion of total accounts at any bank; for some new digital banks, the majority are unused.

Unifimoney is built to ensure that we can maximize returns to our users on their money. Every dollar we spend on an account that is unused is a dollar we cannot give back to our active users. To minimize this cost, we require customers to deposit an initial $100 and then give them 3 months to migrate their salary from their current provider to Unifimoney. By month four, any account that does not meet either the monthly deposit or minimum balance requirements, will be charged a $50-per-month service fee [HS3] until the balance is zero and then closed. This ensures that our active users are never paying the costs of unused accounts.

A lot of digital banks chase user numbers above all else to impress VCs; at Unifimoney, all we want to do is maximize returns for our active users.

The not so small text

Deposit product services, including the Unifimoney Debit Card, are offered by UMB Bank, n.a., Member FDIC.

*The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) as of 07/15/2020 is 0.20% APY. The calculation for APY is rounded to the nearest basis point. Both the interest rate and APY are variable and subject to change at our discretion at any time without any notice.

Interest on your funds on deposit in the Program Accounts will accrue daily and compound monthly at the applicable interest rate and will be credited to the Program Accounts at least once each month.

Fees may reduce earnings on account